Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wild and Untamed Things

So, hair.  Why is Issac Newton's Universal Law of Gravitation, what goes up must come down, accepted unequivocally?  Ok, fine.  Gravity.  But has anyone sought to challenge that theory?

More than 2oo years later, Albert Einstein would find flaws in Newton's theory on a couple of fronts, but my question is, could Einstein's hair have proven Newton wrong altogether?
Did Einstein's hair challenge some basic laws of gravity?
Would Newton have been threatened by Einstein's hair?
Has anyone ever seen a photo of Einstein with a slick do?

I'm tackling my platitudes one theory at a time, people.

To wild and untamed things:

Shaun, Artist, Union Square

Paid Laugher, SOHO

Greg, Artist and Bartender, Williamsburg, Brooklyn


  1. Edna, Guy told me that the more intelligent you are the less control you have over your hair. He was trying to make me feel good about a particularly outta control hair moment I was suffering through. You know how it can get for me. He's sweet

  2. That's so funny. Definitely the right thing to say.