Thursday, October 8, 2009

Eddie and The Quiet Type

In a previous post I hypothesized that Louis XIV's shoes had to have matched  his furniture and you thought I was crazy.  Or let's assume you thought I was crazy.  Now, entertain the theory for a moment and imagine another world.  A parallel universe, the West Coast or Uptown.  Now imagine that within this world there are people, a countless number of people, wearing things that match things they're not wearing. 

Mr. Eddie Scott on Spring Street


Quiet Type at K&M



  1. Scott`s bike and style are very cool!


    Blog it! >>

  2. I love it, you are aware that other people are aware of what they wear. I wonder if Eddie knows that blue is very close to Tiffany's blue.

  3. Hi Tay. Is it close to that blue? I didn't know that.