Saturday, October 17, 2009


Kehinde Wiley's Closing Party for Black Light,
Deitch Projects, September 26th:

Ok.  I realize I'm late in posting this one...let's say... for reasons having to do with a counterintuitive, insular time construct, primarily non-linear in nature.  Look, I never said it had to be October.

Here is a consoling thought to keep in mind when running late:  beginnings and endings are one and the same, with exceptions being the gallery world and chess perhaps.

If there's no beginning, then there's no end, in which case, you've never been late for anything, nor will you ever be again.  Or you can always hop a cab; this is New York City.  

Women.  Legs, The Creator

Elizabeth Lynn Edwards, student, University of Pittsburgh.
Dress: Alice + Olivia

Benu, jazz and soul singer.  Jeans: 192 Doves, Ruben Chapelle

Marisol Mercado Covarrubias, Copper necklace: her own design
from her jewelry line, Temple de Mexico.

Later at Malcolm's

Kareem D. Anglin, publisher of his blog, Male Style Review

This is Larry Ossei-Mensah,  photographer, skilled small-talk bypasser,
 thought-provoker and editor of his blog, My Global Hustle.

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