Saturday, November 14, 2009

Gimme my Munny, Nov. 12th, 2009

Kid Robot launched its new do-it-yourself toy line, Munnyworld, with a custom, designer toy exhibition at Eloquent Delinquents Gallery.

The artists were great, friendly, lots of toy signing.  At some point, I got spritzed with Corona, New Year's Eve style by a pair of San Tropez vacationites who were bar hopping when suddenly, a tight gallery space with exposed, limited edition artwork obstructed their path.  I brushed off some foam, along with the gentleman standing next to me, also sprayed.  I'm pretty sure we made peace.  You know,  "desole," it was just "pour s'amuser," "passer un bon moment."  Gallery?  What gallery? Art shmart.  Just a little beer.  No hard feelings, but be forewarned, I believe security is heavily armed over at Larry Gagosian.  Continuer a maintenir la paix!

Wobots in Munnyworld:




Tim Dubitsky and Tobias Wong


Munny's Travis



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