Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mal Sirrah, Doing It Well at Deitch

Malcolm Harris, whose fashion line goes by the label Mal Sirrah, does the smokey eye thing too.  Upon walking into Deitch, I made what I'm hoping was a subtle B line for Malcolm Harris' eyes.  I wonder if he could tell.   The smokey eye look.  Wait a minute.  I thought that was my M.O.  No.  He did it too, religiously.  The thick black liner with a bit of intentional smudge.  Our smudging styles were a bit different, though.  His lines were more defined, mine more blurred.  He confessed that he doesn't leave the house without it and if he doesn't wear it, he feels naked and I stood there for a minute, dumbfounded.  Yes...can't leave the house...  It was like having one of those simple truths confirmed.  Yes.   Malcolm Harris, a lovely encounter, doing his thing and doing it well.

Malcolm Harris, Designer/Activist, Sept. 2009

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