Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fashion's Night Out

No photos allowed at Prada.  Hmmm.  What are they afraid of?  Getting knocked off?  I snuck one in.  What the hell?  It was just one.  Ok, two, promptly provoking unnerving glares from a few paranoid Pradi and I left shortly thereafter.  Anyway, Fashion's Night Out:  lots of lines, lots of free alcohol, lots of refills, lots of shopping, lots of fine-looking people and lots of fun.  I don't think I got any of my margherita on that really nice cardigan sweater at John Varvatos.  Oh, I think it was around $500.  Actually $498 if we want to get petty.  But I'm pretty sure I didn't.  It's not important.  The point is, the nice people at John Varvatos didn't mind my taking portraits.  But then of course, Mick Rock was also there taking portraits for anyone who spent $300 or more.  The folks at Tommy Hil actually thanked me for taking photos.  But don't worry, Miuccia.  I still like you and if I had an extra two-grand I was itching to unload, I'd buy the Vitello Diano tote tomorrow, despite my mildly derisive commentary. 

Prada, Bd'way and Prince St., NYC

Darrin Blake, bringing it at Intermix


Laila Miroku at John Varvatos

A Fine Bunch


Joana Marquez and Demetrius Blocker at Tommy Hilfiger

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