Monday, September 14, 2009

Bryant Park: A bit of color

Bryant Park was pretty much what I expected it to be on a Sunday afternoon during fashion week: the  security, papparazzi, the starstruck and curious passersby spilling out of the entrances and onto the streets.  I overheard someone ask one woman who everyone was waiting for and she answered, "I don't know.  Anybody."  I suppose if you don't know who you're waiting for, you can't be disappointed for not getting to see them, in which case, maybe that woman was onto something.  I bypassed the papparazzi, walked opposite the models,  away from the Caddy Escalades and into the park, my personal runway. This Sunday, a bit of color.

Mark Connolly, 
Style Director, Conde Nast Traveler
Beatrice Panerai,
Journalist, Classeditori, Milano 
 Fashion Week Production Assistant   

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  1. I have those tights, I've worn them around the house today before going out in the morning, then decided I'm not brave enough for them today and maybe keep them for another day.

    They look so nice on other people but they make me feel like a clown.